A Sample Server!

You did not! Oh, yes I did! Here it is folks, a one of a kind (well, it’s my only one) geofence server! It’s totally open source, super-awesome, free, magical code!

And you can find it right on my GitHub page! Introducing the one, the only, the

Geofence Server Example

It’s all the Ruby, geofency, Mongo’y goodness you’ve been reading about for 2 blog posts now. Come and git it while it’s hot!


In all seriousness the project probably breaks at every edge-case, won’t scale, is probably buggy, and is not production ready code. It’s a fun example of what we’ve been talking about and that is it. It’s not tested (besides my manual testing) and I do not plan to add any. It’s really just a thinking exercise, so enjoy!